About Kreta Mototours

As a connoisseur of the beautiful island of Crete and after thousands of motorbike miles that I broke off in Crete, I decided to offer guided motorcycle tours at very reasonable prices. Passion for motorcycling and the incredible beauties of this island are our priority. It’s not about who is the fastest or best driver, but about holidays, motorcycling, good food, great beaches and fun.

Tourguide Silvio Schmidt

… with over 25 years of Crete experience. All tours are worked out and carried out by himself. He has a 30-year motorcycle experience; from motocross to cozy choppers.

Nobody knows the splendor of this island better than he does from the perspective of a motorcyclist.

What others say

We can write a lot about us. but much more important are the voices of our previous participants to get an idea about us. Read our guestbook!